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Welcome to Spectre Energy

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Welcome to Spectre Energy, your trusted partner in Bitumen Trading and Sourcing! As a firm managed by experienced professionals with a strong footprint in multiple regions in the world, we are ready to offer you an outstanding service right away! Apart from our wide range of specialized services and our own vehicles and vessels, we pride ourselves for standing out from our industry counterparts. Here is why,

Trusted Service and Experience

We are a leading global partner with pronounced experience in what we do. We take pride in our long-term experience.

24/7 Support Service

Our highly trained professionals are at your service around the clock every single day. We ensure your invaluable cargo reaches to the destination with impressive uptime.

Highly-trained team of experts

Our commendable team of experts will not only streamline your projects, but also will lead them to successful conclusions.

Our Services

Fueling your productivity

Bitumen Trading and Sourcing

Spectre Energy is one of the leading specialists in Bitumen trading and ...

Bitumen Transportation

Regardless of the industry or the magnitude of the project, we understand that our ...

Meticulous Quality Check

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our operations and ...

Supply Chain Solutions

From “blueprint to delivery”, Spectre Energy also offers supplementary ...

Issuance of Globally Accepted

Spectre Energy is capable of providing certification as a professional trading ...

Oversee Price Volatility

We understand that our commodity prices can be extremely volatile hence ...


Our Client Reviews


    We are grateful to your team for going the extra mile and working hard to deliver the bitutainers to the site as soon as possible. We appreciate how you successfully concluded the project even though several difficulties came your way. Your team did everything in your power to speed things up on arrival and delivery too. This was helpful for us to avoid further delays in the project.  

  • Resoc International Trading DMCC

    We would like to acknowledge your excellent service in delivering the bitumen. Many thanks for your help, support and commitment  

  • China Railway First Group CO. LTD

    I would like to thanks for your exceptional support on this important delivery. You maintained effective communication throughout and it gave us great confidence that all effort is being made from your end. We know it was not easy to complete the project within that time frame, but you used all your best resources and expertise to make it happen. Well done and thank you very much to the rest of the team!