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Welcome to Spectre Energy

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Welcome to Spectre Energy, your trusted partner in Bitumen Trading and Sourcing! As a firm managed by experienced professionals with a strong footprint in multiple regions in the world, we are ready to offer you an outstanding service right away! Apart from our wide range of specialized services and our own vehicles and vessels, we pride ourselves for standing out from our industry counterparts. Here is why,

Trusted Service and Experience

We are a leading global partner with pronounced experience in what we do. We take pride in our long-term experience.

24/7 Support Service

Our highly trained professionals are at your service around the clock every single day. We ensure your invaluable cargo reaches to the destination with impressive uptime.

Highly-trained team of experts

Our commendable team of experts will not only streamline your projects, but also will lead them to successful conclusions.

Why we are best

Quality. Partnership. Performance.


We operate with honesty and integrity that ...

Environmental safety

As responsible industry leaders, we implement ...

Product and service quality

We thrive to improve the excellence of our ...

Instantaneous communication

We are committed to maintaining an around the ...


We embrace all forms of diversity and a respectful ...

Mutual Respect

We encourage treating all employees, clients and ...

Community support

We take it upon ourselves to lend a helping hand to ...

Firm & Employee Refinement

We take pride in improving ourselves as an entity as ...

About our company

Extending boundaries with creativity







As a firm managed by experienced professionals with a strong footprint in multiple regions in the world, Sprectre Energy is in the possession of 104 Bitutainers that are specialized in transporting Bitumen. Spectre Energy also provide specialized services for moving Bulk Bitumen via vessels with a capacity ranging from 1000 T to 4000 T. Our range of services also include sourcing and transporting Drum Bitumen to various regions in the world.

Additionally, Spectre Energy is capable of providing certification as a professional trading company from internationally accepted companies that specialize in providing certification such as, Geo-chem and SGS.