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Bitumen Trading and Sourcing

Spectre Energy is one of the leading specialists in Bitumen trading and ...

Bitumen Transportation

Regardless of the industry or the magnitude of the project, we understand that our ...

Meticulous Quality Check

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our operations and ...

Supply Chain Solutions

From “blueprint to delivery”, Spectre Energy also offers supplementary ...

Issuance of Globally Accepted

Spectre Energy is capable of providing certification as a professional trading ...

Oversee Price Volatility

We understand that our commodity prices can be extremely volatile hence ...

Incomparable Professional Caliber

Extending boundaries with creativity

Spectre's Services

Quality. Partnership. Performance.

Our Integrated Range of Services

Spectre Energy has earned a sterling reputation for providing a reliable service with state-of-the-art vehicles and creatively engineered solutions for a safe delivery since the inception of the company’s operations. We offer an integrated range of services including Bitumen Trading and Sourcing, Bitumen Transportation, Meticulous quality check, Supply Chain Solutions...